The Flinch Response


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What's New is a new website dedicated to providing martial artists and self-defense students with the most complete and up-to-date information about the survival mechanism known as the flinch response. While I will collect and compile as much information as possible, I stongly encourage everyone to submit any articles or links that are even remotely related to the flinch response. Also, if you see anything on this site that you believe is incorrect, or if you just have a different opinion, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

What is the flinch response?

The flinch response in action. The flinch response is an unconscious response to a perceived threat. Throughout human history, this survival mechanism has protected countless people from serious injury, blindness, and death. Basically, when the human body perceives a threat, the body responds to ward off the threat through a series of reflex actions. The most noticeable reflex is the defensive motion of the hands and arms, but the flinch response can also include blinking, squinting, jumping, and withdrawal.

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