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Email Marketing VS Social Media- Choose your safe & effective tool here

Nayra Malviya


Social networking has solidly taken its place as a vital promoting tool and has advanced to be a great platform for posting photographs and sharing life updates. In the meantime, mass email marketing has developed more importance to marketers and has the most elevated rate of profitability of any channel.


Both email promoting and social media have their strengths and advantages, and marketers need to concentrate on the best way to make the two work with cooperation instead of organizing one over the other.


Email vs. Social Media


Social media platforms rely on email for certain functions, like welcome confirmation emails and password resets. Traditionally, you need an email id adress to even register for Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook, the leading social media platforms.


There are more than 2.6 billion email users around the world, double the amount of every day combined active users of Twitter and Facebook. This exhibits an open door for marketers to build activity and income through a stage where numerous clients as of now have and know about it. In fact, email is 40 times more viable at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.


The major distinction between sending an mail versus a social post is that subscribers can just engage with your email if it is composed to their inbox, whereas you would like to send a tweet or post an optimized window of time for maximum exposure. But even in the most jumbled inbox, the email itself has a longer stability than any social media post.


Focus on both


Focusing on two different marketing tools can be very difficult but email marketing and social media marketing works hand in hand.


Although, both are affordable marketing generation tools that help to produce high conversion rates and users engagement from email marketing campaign.


All marketers need to make a balance between email marketing and social media and use both of the mediums to complement, not compete with, each other. When that balance is achieved, you can increase the effectiveness of your entire marketing program.




Without a doubt, social media has a large number of users but Email marketing is a specific section and it might be a focus on the right customer. At last, creating a compelling plan for email marketing with the right social media sites keeps you connected with your targeted customer/clients of your products and services.




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