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Acquire Precise Transcribed Document through Reliable Transcription Service

Kevin Parker

This is the age of Science and Technology where everything is programmed. All the complex chores that seemed to be tough can now easily be performed with the help of automated tools. Due to this reason, it has made the transcription process easy too. Gone are those days, when it took long hours to record the audio and video without having any efficient and skilled transcription platform. Now, various transcription software can be installed which can provide transcription services in context of business, academic, law/justice, media and medical transcription services Canada.

By availing the professional transcription services Canada, it has made the conversion of audio/video file into readable text convenient whether it is of meetings, interviews, conversations etc. It is easily started by uploading your audio/video file through your account and gets notified through an email once an audio transcription is completed. It can easily transcribe your audio and video files with the help of complex algorithms which results into providing fraction of file lengths .Through transcription services, it provides two categories for the audio/video conversion which are:

Human Transcription

Automatic Transcription

Human transcription assures accurate results of conversion. By availing human transcription, it recommends you to send the audio/video file which contains two speakers only as it doesn’t cost you additional charge. Besides this, there is no extra charge for distorted audio and speech accents. In automatic transcription, it is much faster than human transcription, as it provides transcribed text with use of cutting-edge automated tools on a faster rate. In addition, you can edit the output by adding the timestamps too. The average turnaround of automatic transcription is less than human transcription. Thus, automatic transcription maximizes productivity by saving your money and time. To get the best and optimal transcribed document, the transcription service suggests you to upload high quality audio/video files with limited background noise.

If you are searching for the best transcription services that can provide an ingenious base for your audio/video transcription with ease, then look no further than Transcriberly. It is the prominent platform for providing meticulous transcribed document. It supports various media files like MP3, MP4, MOV, WAV, WMA, M4A and AVI files. They have developed their own Transly app, which provides the fastest way for the conversion of file into text, for instance 30 minutes of audio file will take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to convert.

About Transcriberly:

Transcriberly is the leading transcription provider service for customers across the nations including transcription services United States. They have the team of creative transcribers that can assure the security of your media files effectively. For more details, visit

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