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Get Daily updated to bihar news in hindi. Swarajlive is not just a newspaper, it is a voice of the people. Every fineSwaraj Khabar Publishing House is the main media and communication group of Bihar, it is fundamentally dynamic in the conditions of Bihar, Delhi, Noida and Dehradun. Its flagship brand is WebMind Infosoft and SHIPGIG.Today Swaraj News is considered as a part of the best daily papers of Bihar. Swaraj Khabar also gives you the minute detail of jharkhand news. Swaraj Khabar is printed and distributed in Patna, Delhi, Noida and Dehradun. To subscribe to our website simply visit detail of patna city news is available on our website.

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Latest Live Hindi Breaking News Online- Swarajlive
Added 1/31/2018
The main daily paper to be distributed in India. From there on there was an enduring ascent in the quantity of Indian daily papers every day with Bombay Herald and Bombay Courier turning out to be to a great degree well known.

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