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Dr Namrata Khimani is well recognized low back pain, knee pain, cancer pain specialist in New York (NYC). Find out best pain doctor near me and book an appointment with us.

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The benefits of taking care of your spine
Added 10/24/2018
People often do not pay much attention to the care of the spine after the passage of time, neglect something as minimal as the use of bags, suitcases or how to collect any element of the soil that can harm this vital organ,

Know how Medicines to relieve chronic pain work
Added 10/24/2018
Preventing the increase in pain on time is one of the most effective ways to treat pain. When using medications to treat pain, patients usually have to take them at regular and scheduled times.

The Cost Of Ignoring Your Lower Back Pain Problem
Added 10/17/2018
Looking for Lumbar Back Pain and Spine Pain Management clinic near you, We are New York based clinic with board certified specialists doctor’s team gives you best pain management treatment. Book an appointment Today!

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