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The Escape Reflex
Added 12/3/2008
The escape reflex is a name given to any reflex action (reflectory reaction) that initiates an escape motion. Although escape reflexes have considerable variety in non-humans, for martial artists, our primary focus is on the withdrawal reflexes.

The Crossed Extensor Reflex
Added 11/26/2008
The crossed extensor reflex can be enormously useful for martial artists. It provides an appropriate autonomic defense against a grabbing attack, and knowing its effects can give one an offensive advantage.

Flinching is Biphasic
Added 11/25/2008
Flinching takes place in two distinct phases. The first phase is a general startle response that remains identical regardless of the stimulus. The second is a longer more directed response directed towards the specific threat.

Bussey Combatives: Hollow-Out Defense Against Front Kick
Added 11/14/2008
Combat advisor David Smith demonstrates a hollow-out defense against a front kick, followed by a three-step sweep takedown.

Tony Blauer on Hick's Law
Added 11/14/2008
Tony Blauer explaining the significance of the SPEAR System research on close quarter combatives in relation to Hick's Law. Originally posted to

Primal Flinch and Conversion
Added 11/14/2008
Tony Blauer explaining more about how conversion of the flinch is critical to survival in the close-quarter assault. Originally posted to!

notes and resources
Added 11/14/2008

Tony Blauer on the Startle/Flinch Response
Added 11/13/2008
Tony Blauer explaining some fundamentals of the Startle/Flinch response and its importance in training for real confrontations, originally posted to

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